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SHIP – School and Home Involvement Participation

SHIP is an European Union project which is conducted in cooperation with 5 other organizations from Belgium (2 Belgian partners), Portugal, Italy and France. The project is led by the European Center for Economic and Policy Analysis and Affairs (ECEPAA).

The main goal of the project is to strengthen the parents’ role so that parents themselves give better support to their children in school to prevent dropouts from videregående skole among students with immigrant-backgrounds. Each partner shall select 5 families with children between ages 10 and 13 who will receive training and follow-up meetings. After the project time period, they’ll be compared with a control group where the project leader will see if the training has had any affect on many factors, including the children’s school results.

MiR’s main responsibility in the project is to share “best practices”: our good experiences with the “Family Learning” method. “Family Learning” is a method that MiR has worked with for 10 years. The main goal is to create a closer connection amongst parents so that parents can involve themselves more in their children’s schooling, in order to help parents become familiar with how an individual learns and the different learning styles. A large emphasis is placed on strengthening parents’ confidence.

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