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MiR Structure

MiR is divided into 3 levels: national (the board and general manager), communal (those working in specific municipalities) and local (those working at individual schools).

The MiR board, made up of 6 people, meets 5-6 times per year. In addition to administrative affairs, this board addresses issues brought up by local MiR groups, finalizes overarching framework and allocates tasks between meetings (such as writing articles, applications, organizing courses and seminars). Although board members do not get paid, if they take extra tasks, they receive individual monetary compensation depending on the number of hours they spend working. Another purpose of the board is to send out relevant information to parents who want to participate in the network. MiR has 450 members; there is no fee to join the network and become a member.

MiR-board shall have a general manager who shall coordinate, administrate and lead all MiR operations.

MiR-K (kommune-level) has meetings at least four times a year, taking up issues that parents are concerned about in the local kommune, training local MiR groups and implementing learning courses for families. MiR-K is the contact person for schools that have local MiR groups; they offer presentations and pamphlets (in different languages) so parents are aware of their rights and duties within the Norwegian school system.

The local branch of MiR is for groups of parents who want to mostly focus on their own children and directly help their own schools. They participate in parent meetings, work with parent groups at school and convey needs and experiences to the MiR-K. These small groups of parents are important in bringing forward parents’ concerns, challenges and experiences from their own contact with the school. When parents support each other, it is easier for the individual to take up problems or criticisms with the school. Most of all, a positive environment is shaped around school.

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