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Multicultural Initiative- and Resource Network participates in a project where the main goal is to improve the quality of language learning in the European Union. Numbers from the European Union show that 24.4% of the European Union’s population live in risk of or in poverty and social exclusion. Many of those who are affected by this are immigrants and refugees who have not mastered the language well enough to enter the job market. In this project, we want to work specifically with 20 language teachers from 6 different countries (Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Norway and Spain) to give them training in an innovative manual on language learning. The project starts with a survey of methods which are used in different countries by interviewing 20 teachers in each country, which is then used for analysis and formation of the manual.

20 teachers gathered in Brussels in October 2018 to receive training and participate in the design of the manual, which will be spread to the rest of the European Union. In this course, the best methods will be summarized, and participants can furthermore share these experiences with teachers from other countries. The project is supported by funds from Erasmus Pluss.

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