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Immigrant families and recreational activities in Nature

Since 2018, has MiR received support from Miljødirekoratet’s grant towards outdoor activities for people with immigrant background. Outdoor life has strong traditions in Norway, and nature is a fantastic area for physical activity and learning. Outdoor life promotes both health and well-being and is environmentally friendly. However, many who are new to Norway can be uncertain on how to use this area if it differs from their homeland. MiR has a long experience with arranging trips and excursions for families that live in poverty. Many are very interested in participating in a trip but know little about what equipment and attire is required or how to plan a hike in nature. This is the reason that MiR wanted to apply for funding for this project. Through the project, MiR hopes to include more learning into the trips. We want to show the participating families how to interact in nature without the need for a lot of equipment or spending a lot of money. In addition to exciting trips in forests and fields, the families receive education in everything from clothing, packing of snacks and preparation of food while out on trips, to using a map and compass.

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